Our Approach

Spunbyss was created to share our passion for great tasting food.  Just about everything on our menu is created by hand from scratch.  We grind our own meat, hand cut our wedge fries, and we even make our own our naturally flavored seltzers.  Two words that drive us are "sweat equity."  We understand that nothing comes easy and you have to put your heart and soul into everything.  Our dishes represent just that, our heart and soul.  

Our food may look simple but we believe that sometimes "less is more."  We want our food to stand out on its own.  What we're hoping is that you dig the simplicity, the quality, and honesty of our food.  We're on a mission to reconnect people with real food.         


We care about the environment and always strive to reduce our carbon footprint.  As part of our ongoing efforts to do so, we use environmentally friendly and 100% compostable products (i.e. cups, lids, straws, trays, and forks).  So go ahead, throw everything you don't eat in the compost bin!  Yes, even the cups and lids because they're actually made out of corn. 


Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about Spunbyss.  We hope you enjoy our food!



We can also cater your next event.  Please visit our Catering page for more details! 



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First Private Tasting Event April 2018