We'd be delighted to cater your next event.  Depending on your overall needs, we can customize just about any menu.  Please understand that we use the freshest and finest ingredients possible to make your event that much more special.  Due to this, we reserve the right to make changes to the menu at anytime and please also understand that not all items will be available at all times of the year.  

Some of our catering customers include:  









We've also done a few weddings and would love to be part of your special day!  Most folks go with our two sliders and fries package and depending on what options you select, the price can range anywhere between $13-$25 per person.  Prices always include all taxes, compostable paper products, napkins, utensils, and ketchup (house made dipping sauces are extra).  Also, depending on the venue location, there may also be a mileage/distance fee added to the invoice.  We also reserve the right to charge a minimum for your event. 


To check our availability and receive a quote please complete the Catering Form below and someone from our catering team will follow up with you.  Please note that your event is not booked until a security deposit is collected from one of our team members.  Generally speaking, we tend to book our catering events 30-60 days in advance, however will still try and accommodate last minute requests the best we can! 

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Catering menu with food truck present


Shoestring fries (add Ranch seasoning for .$50 extra per order)

Hand cut Yukon Gold wedge fries (Upon availability)

Market Fresh Salad (seasonal vegetables, such as baby arugula, beets, string beans, shaved carrots, croutons, and house made basalmic vinaigrette

Caesar Salad (Romaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan cheese, croutons, cracked pepper corns, and house made creamy Caesar dressing)



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